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Carlton Carroll
Carbon Import Fees and the WTO
The speed of climate and trade policy development is intensifying as carbon import fees gain supporters. Many have asked if these new policies would... Read More
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PROVE IT Companionship
Democrat Scott Peters and Republican John Curtis plan to introduce a House version of the PROVE IT Act, the bipartisan carbon data bill making... Read More
Articulating the U.S. Carbon Advantage
Climate Leadership Council research has demonstrated that American manufacturers across industries are highly carbon efficient compared to overseas competitors. This “carbon advantage” was initially... Read More
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Carbon tariff talks start
A bipartisan group of senators and staffers met with NGOs on Thursday morning to talk about carbon tariffs. The discussions are nascent, but the... Read More
European Parliament Passes CBAM
The European Parliament approved a plan this week to charge some imports for their emissions in a big step towards harmonizing climate and trade in one... Read More
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The Case for Climate and Trade
As major developed economies continue to decarbonize at home, they import huge amounts of carbon in the form of goods manufactured in carbon-intensive countries... Read More

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